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Get Kanban

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Get Kanban

We, well, the external consultants, started off by designing their own Kanban simulation that was contextual to the process being used at the time.  When they left we replaced it with Get Kanban and people liked that much better.  It abstracted their context and allowed them to understand the principles of Kanban better.  At least that’s what they told us.

We played Get Kanban upwards of 50 times with business people, C-level executives, stakeholders and non-IT departments.


The executives in this pic had no interest in improvement tickets!  I had to watch them like a hawk the whole time.  Funny thing, the C-level execs didn’t try to cheat!

Seriously though, there was such a strong commitment to Kanban, it was great to see so many leaders taking a half-day out of their schedule to learn.