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Introducing Marty the Management Monster!

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Introducing Marty the Management Monster!

Marty the Management Monster!


I presented Marty the Management Monster at one of the transformation meetings where the CIO, executives and managers were present.  The strange looks from the crowd was priceless!  After that meeting the CIO asked the VP of Learning and Performance to call me and add Management 3.0 to the official leadership curriculum.

After that we (the coaching team) posted a Kudo wall outside the Big Visible Room.  At first only the coaches added Kudo cards but over time, others started added Kudo cards:

The Kudo Wall


One of our innovative managers also used Delegation Poker after going through the training and posted team agreements  in their working area:

Delegation Poker


She also implemented a Happiness Index wall and you can see the team happiness increased over time.  This team was the Enterprise Architecture team and they were in a state of confusion after a re-org had decreased their group from 20 to 4.  They were left without a manager and direction.  When this new manager took over, happiness and clarity went up.