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Managing a Program with Kanban

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Managing a Program with Kanban

One of the people in change management who saw how valuable the HR Kanban was wanted to setup a visualization for managing a large messaging program that was part of a business transformation program.  We talked about who the consumers of the information would be, what they felt was most important to visualize and what value they would get out of making this work visible.

After creating the board and on-boarding all their work, they noticed right away they had too much work and they had too many communication programs colliding with each other.



The columns represent the next 3 months.  The rows represent messaging recipients.  They could easily see where communication was overlapping, what medium they were communicating through and they’d mark tickets done when the message was sent out.  I also suggested they use metrics to see which medium worked best and then adjust the remainder of the messages.  They used a kanban board to make improvements to this board as well!

When they had suggestions for improvements, they’d put those into a backlog and made them visible.  One of the improvements was the legend you can see in the picture.